i forgot that you existed
- i forgot that you existed, and i thought that it would kill me, but it didn't.
- it isn't love, it isn't hate, it's just indifference.

cruel summer
- devils roll the dice, angels roll their eyes. and if i bleed, you'll be the last to know.
- said i'm fine, but it wasn't true. i don't wanna keep secrets just to keep you.

- i've loved you three summers now, honey, but i want 'em all.
- my heart's been borrowed and yours has been blue.

the man
- i'm so sick of running as fast as i can, wondering if i'd get there quicker if i was a man.
- cause if i was a man, then i'd be the man.

the archer
- i hate my reflection for years and years.
- all of my enemies started out friends, help me hold on to you.

i think he knows
- he's so obsessed with me and, boy, i understand.
- he got my heartbeat skipping down 16th avenue.

miss americana & the heartbreak prince
- they whisper in the hallway, "she's a bad, bad girl."
- and i'll never let you go cause i know this is a fight.

paper rings
- i like shiny things, but i'd marry you with paper rings.
- i hate accidents except when we went from friends to this.

cornelia street
- i hope i never lose you, hope it never ends.
- i get mystified by how this city screams your name. and baby, i'm so terrified of if you ever walk away.

death by a thousand cuts
- you said it was a great love, one for the ages. but if the story's over, why am i still writing pages?
- i ask the traffic lights if it'll be alright. they say, "i don't know."

london boy
- they say home is where the heart is, but that's not where mine lives.
- he likes my american smile, like a child when our eyes meet.

soon you'll get better
- i know i'll never get it, there's not a day that i won't try.
- this won't go back to normal, if it ever was.

false god
- hell is when i fight with you, but we can patch it up good.
- they say the road gets hard and you get lost when you're led by blind faith.

you need to calm down
- i've learned the lesson that stressing and obsessing bout somebody else is no fun.
- we see you over there on the internet, comparing all the girls who are killing it.

- it's so excruciating to see you low. just wanna lift you up and not let you go.
- why'd i have to break what i love so much?

- i know you never get just what you see. but i will never bore you, baby.
- i promise that you'll never find another like me.

it's nice to have a friend
- 20 questions, we tell the truth. you've been stressed out lately yeah, me too.
- something gave you the nerve to touch my hand.

- luck of the draw only draws the unlucky, and so i became the butt of the joke.
- i once believed love would be back and white, but it's golden.

source? azlyrics/tumblr