Hello guys it's Liv.
Here I come with the second post about being more ecofriendly and the most top topics now, back to school.
As you seemed to really enjoy my last article about ecofriendly lifestyle, I thought to combine both topics and bring to you guys an ecofriendly back to school essentials, because you can save the planet while trying to get your degree. What a genius, Am I right? just kidding.

Thank god I haven't started college, but it's any time soon, so for that reason here it comes this hybrid.

Ok so let's get started:

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My computer, it's a Zenbook from ASUS and it's the best laptop I could have ever bought. It's like 2 kilos and since I change its HDD into a SSD it's a real pleasure using it.

A laptop, it's quite a main necessity when it comes to university. It's like a huge binder, where you have all your important documents and your notes.

For that reason I really recommend you to buy a good laptop that doesn't weigh more than 2,5 kilos. And also you can buy it second hand, and If you want to improve it you just go to your local engineer and you have a new updated computer.

Recycled notebooks
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Recycled notebooks are a perfect way to take notes in case you prefer to take notes the old way, like me.

_Also you can do your own Planner in one of those, just like a bullet journal, this is a perfect way to get rid of your trash. If you go the cinema you get the ticket put it on the bulletjournal, a perfect and waste free decoration for it. _Muji notebooks are made from a 55% of recycled paper. _

Recycled paper
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It's the same as for notebooks
Paper folders
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Easy and compost friendly material.
Fountain pen
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Some affordable brands are loamy and pilot kakune one.

If you buy one of this is going to last your entire life. I have been using fountain pens since I have 12 years old and now I am 20, a pretty long time.

For making it used even more zero waste you can buy a rechargeable one change and buy tint in a glass bottle, it is quite easy to find.

Colour pencils insted of highlighters
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They do the same work as your usual highlight, they are cheaper and you have them in more colours. What more can we ask for?

Back pack
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Guys, invest in a good backpack, your back will thank you when you are older.

Now talking about the best backpack, of course Fjallraven it is going to show. They invest their money wisely and contribute to the environment.
They have a new backpack made out of recycled water bottles, the re-kanken, I have to get my hand on one of those.

Water bottle
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Planner/Bullet journal
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If you make your own planner/bullet journal you know that you are using ecofriendly materials, like a recycled notebook.

Well that was all for today guys!!
Thank you for reading it and see you soon.