Taylor Swift just dropped her brand new album "Lover" (it's amazing!!!) and after 4 listens of the entire album, I have decided to rank the songs from best to worst. To be honest, none of them are "bad" songs, there are just some I don't like as much. This ranking will DEFINITELY change after a week or so :))))

18. It's Nice to Have a Friend

sky, aesthetic, and hands image pink, game over, and pastel image
"Light pink sky up on the roof sun sinks down, no curfew"

17. False God

love, sea, and beach image aesthetic, wallpaper, and art image
"Staring out the window like I'm not your favourite town, I'm New York City"

16. ME!

aesthetic, clean, and nature image bambi, flower, and pink image
"Living in winter I am your summer"

15. Soon You'll Get Better

aesthetic, flowers, and photo image beautiful, sun, and sunset image
"I'll paint the kitchen neon, I'll brighten up the sky"

14. The Man

Image by K Y L I E Image removed
"I’m so sick of running as fast as I can wondering if I'd get there quicker if I was a man"

13. The Archer

aesthetic, lover, and sky image heart, aesthetic, and light image
"I pace like a ghost, the room is on fire, invisible smoke"

12. Daylight

flowers, aesthetic, and blue image aesthetic, vintage, and summer image
"I wounded the good, I trusted the wicked"

11. I Forgot That You Existed

indie, vintage, and aesthetic image aesthetic, pink, and red image
"Lived in the shade you were throwing 'til all of my sunshine was gone"

10. You Need to Calm Down

aesthetic, building, and city image aesthetic, blue, and pastel image
"Sunshine on the street at the parade but you would rather be in the dark ages"

9. Afterglow

aesthetic, blue, and building image makeup, stars, and eyes image
"This ultraviolet morning light below tells me this love is worth the fight"

8. Lover

light, pink, and aesthetic image pink, aesthetic, and heart image
"Swear to be over-dramatic and true to my lover"

7. Cornelia Street

Image removed flowers, pink, and aesthetic image
"That's the kind of heartbreak time could never mend"

6. London Boy

aesthetic image Image removed
"He likes my American smile like a child when our eyes meet darling I fancy you"

5. I Think He Knows

aesthetic, peach, and pink image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
"Lyrical smile, indigo eyes, hand on my thigh we can follow the sparks, I'll drive"

4. Death by a Thousand Cuts

aesthetic, art, and blue image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
"I look through the windows of this love even though we boarded them up"

3. Paper Rings

Temporarily removed car, friends, and travel image
"I like shiny things but I'd marry you with paper rings"

2. Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince

aesthetic, glitter, and tears image pink, crown, and princess image
"I'm lost in the lights, American glory faded before me"

1. Cruel Summer

Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, cherry, and vintage image
"Devils roll the dice, angels roll their eyes"