Hi you, who's actually reading this article. I wanna share w/ you some song that I like, so here's my playlist of the moment, with a little of aesthetic.

1) Versace On The Floor - Bruno Mars

Versace, luxury, and aesthetic image blue, style, and zendaya image bruno mars image red image
That song's from 2017, but I recently discover it and i love it.

2) How Do You Sleep - Sam Smith

sam smith image feeling, lie, and Lyrics image lies, quotes, and Lyrics image sam smith image
The last song of Sam Smith, I really like the vibe, and the videoclip is amazing

3) Why Do You Love Me - Charlotte Lawrence

charlotte lawrence image boy, glow, and party image car, fire, and charlotte lawrence image beauty, goals, and new image
I recently discover her, and she's just 19

4) The Less I Know The Better - Tame Impala

tame impala, currents, and music image aesthetic, clouds, and fourth of july image sea, beach, and waves image tame impala image
This band make some good music, this type of music that you can listen very louder in your earphones without getting tired of

5) Love On The Brain - Rihanna

rihanna, riri, and black and white image heart, motherfucker, and love on the brain image popular, 2017, and couplegoals image anti, navy, and love on the brain image
I have no words, this is Rihanna, so this is obviously wonderful

6) Gone - Charli XCX feat. Christine And The Queens

gender, girls, and grunge image Mature image tweet, gone, and charli xcx image artist, song, and featuring image
Their voices match very well together and the ambience of the videoclip is just... waw !

7) Young And Beautiful - Lana Del Rey

Image removed alternative, amazing, and beautiful image Image removed Image removed
This is Lana F*cking Del Rey, there's no words, she is a queen, a godess, this song is a masterpiece, and the videoclip too

8) Cherry - Rina Sawayama

singer, rina sawayama, and alternative image sunset, aesthetic, and sky image Image by Kat mother, music, and orange image
I think a lot of people don't know her, I just discover this song, like, one week ago and I can't stop listen it

9) Tonight - Vague003

burning, fire, and rose image rose, white, and cigarette image fashion, rose, and style image rose, red, and black image
This guy made a pleasant remix with the chorus of the song Total Eclipse Of The Heart by Bonnie Tyler

10) Teenage Mind - Tate McRae

bike, friends, and summer image skateboard, sunset, and teenager image friends, wine, and friendship image Temporarily removed
I just found out that the girl who sings is 16, she's talented

This is the end of this article, there was just ten songs, 'cause if I put my entire playlist of the moment, there will be a billion songs (just kidding, I kinda exagerate the thing, lol)
There is no particular order, this is not a top ten :)
I hope you enjoy it !