Street lights. Distance. Sunset.
We stare at each other while the scenery around us changes, from day to night and to day again. It’s dark, lightened up by a thousand stars and then its morning. The bright sun burns our skin but we stay there. Still. Like trees, we grow and we move but our feet never leave the ground. We connect, our branches touching and our leaves falling on the same ground. It’s summer and then it’s autumn and then it’s snowing. Flowers grow around us before we realize that time is moving so fast. And the next summer we are still there. The difference between trees and people is that trees are always in the same place. People, they move but their hearts may stay. Physically, I miss you. Mentally, you’re always there. Like a tree. Somehow we managed to smell the salty water in the air twice and I hope I’ll always smell it with you.

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