Are your starting university soon and you feel completely lost? So did I! Here are some things that I would've liked to know before starting my freshman year.

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This will be your year

First day

You'll be nervous all the time, I can promise. But don't worry, everyone else will feel that way too. Probably, you'll receive a lot of information and you'll end up with lots of pamphlets about the music band, the library, debate groups... it's the perfect occasion to discover everything that your new uni offers! Also, don't be shy (I know this is easier to say than to do) but start a conversation with the person who sits next to you or make small talk. Get to know your future classmates!


I'm sorry I'm the one telling you this, but not everything will be fun (such a pity). You'll have to study, and there will be months that the library will become your home (agh, finals). Anyway, don't let this upset you because I have the best tip for you: organize your time (you can thank me later). There are plenty of apps that will help you find your perfect timetable (yeah, study but don't give up your social life) and if you have problems with your concentration, I personally recommend these apps:

  • Focus To-Do
  • Forest
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Stop procrastinating N O W


Maybe the best part of university/college. You're going to meet new people and some of them will become your lifetime friends. Also, if you're leaving your hometown and moving to a new city, your flatmates/students residence mates will be like your brothers/sisters. Of course, you'll also meet people you won't get along with, but this way you'll learn how to work in team and it'll be your time to rediscover yourself. Are your introvert or shy? This could be a personal challenge, work on it!

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Open up to new people

Time for yourself

Find something to do in your free time. Whether you want to learn a new language, join a basketball team or play the guitar, I'm sure your uni and your city offer hundreds of interesting activities. Have your thought about volunteering in a charity? Or giving private tutoring to children (and gain some money at the same time)? There are so many things to do, make a list and decide how you want to spend your dead times. And don't forget to treat yourself: keep doing exercise and follow your skin care routines, it will make you feel better if you ever feel down!

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All in all, university can be hard sometimes but the pros outweigh the cons. Take advantage of all that it offers to you: time goes by so fast! My freshman year was the best one and I hope you enjoy yours!
And if you still have doubts, just send me a postcard, we can talk!

You've got this!

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