Hello babes,

since the summer is almost over, I'm here to write the last summer themed article.

Let's get started!

1| summer mornings or summer nights?

adventure, beach, and blue image adventure, beach, and chilling image
summer mornings on the beach.

2| hot sunny days or windy cloudy days?

summer, beach, and travel image summer, pool, and food image
in the summer I prefer hot sunny days.

3| oper air cafe or beach bar?

girl, summer, and beach image summer, beach, and blue image
beach bar.

4| hat or headband?

adventure, outdoors, and wanderlust image summer, girl, and beach image
hats are more protective and fashionable, as well.

5| shopping or going to the beach?

summer, ocean, and travel image summer, beach, and girl image
this is so hard to decide but since it's summer I prefer going to the beach.

6| long walks or car rides?

car, travel, and friends image travel, car, and adventure image
long car rides.

7| bikini or one-piece?

beach, inspiration, and tan image beach wear, bikini, and fitness image

8| going on karaoke or singing around a bonfire on the beach?

fire, beach, and sea image Image by *Malak*
singing around a bonfire on the beach.

9| fireworks or shooting stars?

night, show, and summer image aesthetic, photography, and weheartit image

10| wanderlust or homesickness?

beach, breakfast, and food image girl, summer, and travel image

11| sunglasses or hats?

girl, beach, and summer image fashion, girl, and beach image

12| ocean or pool?

beach, summer, and ocean image Image by мσσηℓιgнт

13| smoothies or juices?

banana, berries, and blueberry image banana, blackberry, and blueberry image

14| watermelon or melon?

fashion, girl, and summer image beach, girl, and summer image

15| pineapple or coconut?

coconut, food, and fruit image coconut, white, and food image
this is also a hard one because I love them both but I love coconut a little bit more.

16| mango or papaya?

tropical, fruit, and mango image fruit, mango, and food image

17| ice cream or sorbet?

strawberry, ice cream, and food image ice cream image
ice cream.

18| chocolate or vanilla ice cream?

ice cream, chocolate, and juice image Image by Nadine k
chocolate ice cream.

19| roses or sunflowers?

things image girl, fashion, and style image

20| swimming or tanning?

beach, animal, and girl image enjoy, girl, and nature image
swimming because we can also get tanned while swimming.

21| chill or party?

aesthetic, bathtub, and candles image couple, netflix, and love image

22| beach or desert?

beach, blonde girl, and cocktail image adventure, beach, and blonde girl image

23| sunrise or sunset?

Greece, sea, and sunset image adventure, colors, and inspiration image

24| mountain or island vacation?

flowers, Greece, and inspiration image fashion and girl image
island vacation.

25| iced coffee or iced tea?

ice, coffee, and cold image Temporarily removed
iced coffee.

26| donut or fruit float?

beach, summer, and watermelon image Temporarily removed
fruit float.

27| mountain or beach camping?

beach, camping, and friends image Temporarily removed
beach camping.

28| WHI: writing articles or posting images?

I write articles but I post images more often.

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hope you enjoyed and got inspired,
thank you for reading this article,
see you soon,
α n n α ✧

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