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Today I’ll talk about some tips I use to get better grades and are very helpful for me. I have a lot of articles about school to publish so follow me if you don’t want to lose any.
Hope it helps you too.
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My school collection:

1|Make notes

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During the classes I wrote everything I could and when I got home it reminded me of everything, just because I was paying attention to write everything.

2| Watch video- classes

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Sometimes, even if you ask your teacher to explain something twice you still don’t understand. An advice is to hear an explanation from other person on youtube.

3|Study matter everyday

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don’t need to spend 24h studying but review the matter everyday even if it’s quickly.

4|Organize/plan your study

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Every day or every week write down what you have to study. This way you won’t get lost and you’ll be more relaxed.

5|Make breaks

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Is very important to your brain to take breaks to drink water, go to the bathroom, get some food,etc.

6|Have a reward

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| I wish I had this snaks here :(| When you finished your study watch some movie, eat some snack or something’s like that. It will let you more motivated.

7|Make exercises

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After or before study the matter make exercises it helps you a lot and your teacher will see that you’re diligent. Ask you exercises.

8|Write down the doubts

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And when you go to school clarify them. TIP: Use post-it’s and colorful pens to make you happier.

9|Make summaries

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From the summaries you can go to the whole subject, besides that it helps when you know you’ll not have time to study everything of those 60 pages.

10|Have a hobby

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Is very important to have something out of school that makes you realize that school is not everything and a bad grade is not the end.

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