Hello guys. It has been a while but I have been doing some nails and I bough a nail kit that I use at certain times.

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How to put nails step by step?
The first thing you should do is to get a nail kit to keep all your nails materials and files.

What to buy:
· Acrylic nail tips and nail tip glue
· Acrylic nail clippers and files
· Acrylic liquid ad acrylic powder
· Do your first try on a training hand

Temporarily removed
Remove old nails first

2. Trim your nails first
Use a nail to even out everything and straighten the nail tip.

3. Buff a surface of the nails first
Use a soft nail file to make a surface rough and less shiny

4. Push back all cuticles
You should trim all your nails and cuticles first. You should make your cuticles all wet first. Use a wooden file to push back the cuticle.

5. Use a Nail Primer
It can remove moisture and oils from your nails. If oil remains on your nails the acrylic will not stay.

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What is important is you should use a small amount of glue so it doesn't touch your skin.

Acrylic are for those who are very professional so beware.

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