name: Celeste Abbott

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Comes from the latin term Celestial which means Heavenly, or from the heavens

date of birth: 16th february
zodiac sing: Aquarius
age: 17
birth place: Britain
house: ravenclaw
lives in marauders era

blood status

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pale skin, light blue eyes, freckles over her nose and cheeks, light brown wavy hair


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She doesn't like to talk to people because she is scared of getting hurt by others. Has problems with depression and anorexia, but is also very smart.


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when she is not in her hogwarts uniform, she usually wears white or black dresses and cloak to cover herself up


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she finds escape in books and learning new things. she also likes exploring hogwarts and forbidden forest at night.

favourite classes

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astronomy, charms, history of magic, ancient runes

family and friends

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she doesn't have friends. her mother died while giving birth to her and her dad is abusing her and that's why she has scars and bruises all over her body.

love interest

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sirius black

This was kinda dark but okay ig? I was thinking about making a fan fiction on Wattpad but idk.
I hope you enjoyed it,, check out my game of thrones article <3