There was once a time when all I was hoping for was life to be just me, you and a bottle of wine to enjoy the ride,
The glow of the moon and the faded light of a candle reflecting on your calm resting face; oh how wonderful it would've been.

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But our love was nothing but a dream, a fantasied version of us and of life how dumb it may seems,
Oh dear thinking back at it how naive I was to believe in this.

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I twisted my reality so it would match yours and spent my entire time thinking about the infinite ways I might get you,
But all of my attempt at getting close remained non concluent; actually all my attempt at love.

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Loving you in shades of grey got me in this deep sensation of void not knowing where to go, not knowing how to live anymore,
My grip tight on you I would stay by your side in spite of your rejection, longing for attention even though it never made you love me more.

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I got into phases like the moon and held my head high trying to ignore this ripping pain,
But at the end, my heart would ache until I see you again.

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Eventually, I came at peace with the fact that I would never be your romantic muse and let the dust in so everything would fade,
Time has left a veil on us like if everything was dead.

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Today again I thought about you, wondering where you've been; kind of look like I still got this ancient desire burning,
Got my heart pierced by asymmetrical feelings.

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xx Lé