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i don't really know what to say anymore since i re-wrote this intro like three times since i realized everything i wrote was unnecessary before

but... i think i wanna include what this article is so i will just do that

your sun sign is you main astrology sign that is based upon the position of the sun when you were born and is known by what your date of birth is

this sign is associated with the essential qualities of one's character and is the most common used sign when reading your horoscope in a magazine and etc..

i simply paired idols to their most compatible partner based on their sun but at the same time, i did pair some signs by considering not only the sun sign

actually now that i'm looking back at the list, i more so focused on the idols and then paired them according to compatibility cause i have two virgo-taurus matches and so on lol

tho with that being said i'm going to stop because i want this to be more light hearted than complicated lol

please enjoy my article that includes the multiple different idols from various groups ~ ♡

yoυr ιdol вғ вaѕed on yoυr ѕυn ѕιgn

kpop, korean boy, and gif image
by giricatt
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Image by Anaîs Henrondale dark, aesthetic, and clock image fireworks, night, and sky image Image by Anaîs Henrondale
park chanyeol from exo
chanyeol is a sagittarius, which means he loves going on adventures with you and being around you, giving you all of his happy and good loving energy
you both love making jokes but he sometimes can't be as serious as you'd like him to which can be irritating
but overall, when you two are together nothing feels impossible and you make the absolute best power couple
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rm, bts, and namjoon image Temporarily removed aesthetic, architecture, and beige image bts, rm, and kim namjoon image
kim namjoon from bts
namjoon is a virgo, which means you guys have a very loving and supportive relationship with each other
you both share the same eye for respect and also compliment each other greatly by either you comforting namjoon if he overworks himself or him helping you achieve your goals
you both love everything about each other and will easily find your ways back into one another's arms even when you have fights or disagreements
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icons, kpop, and Seventeen image beach, ocean, and aesthetic image architecture, art, and luxury image Seventeen, jeonghan, and kpop image
yoon jeonghan from seventeen
jeonghan is a libra, which means you guys make a great couple both socially and mentally since discussion is important to both of you
as you're the one with most of the ideas, jeonghan is great at guiding you and calming you down since libra's are overall patient
you guys respect each others opinions and have a wildly successful love, jeonghan and you never creating a dry atmosphere
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icons, kpop, and lq image aesthetic, beauty, and beige image fish and blue image JB, kpop, and got7 image
jaebum from got7
jaebum is a capricorn, and the saying 'opposites attract' describes your relationship perfectly
jaebum is more so a doer and you are a dreamer meaning he will push you to achieve your dreams making you an unstoppable couple
since he can be hard edged, you are there to really bring him back to reality, both sharing a loving relationship
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astro, sanha, and yoon sanha image plants, aesthetic, and nature image Temporarily removed astro and sanha image
sanha from astro
sanha is an aries, meaning he is really competitive and has to be at the top which is the same for you
but besides both having big egos, you guys have a really passionate and attractive relationship, forming a unique bond only you two understand
you guys are the ride or die couple, the mr. and mrs. smith, though you have disagreements you are inseparable
☆.。.:* 𝓿𝓲𝓻𝓰𝓸 .。.:*☆
hwiyoung, kim youngkyun, and sf9 image Image by Alexandria aesthetic, bath, and water image sf9, hwiyoung, and kpop image
hwiyoung from sf9
hwiyoung is a taurus, so here we have another virgo-taurus duo that can't go wrong since you both are literally so similar
your relationship is really homely, and you both being earthly signs means you guys balance each other out a lot
you are both gentle people who compliment each other greatly, hwiyoung being soothing and practical and you being rational and sensitive
☆.。.:* 𝓵𝓲𝓫𝓻𝓪 .。.:*☆
kpop, nct 127, and idols image Temporarily removed blue, lake, and mountains image haechan, nct, and donghyuck image
haechan from nct
haechan being a gemini means your relationship is very reliant on communication as i mentioned previously with this pair
you both are really driven and hard working people who overall make an amazing pair
haechan and you make a very sexy couple, he has an irresistible charm you'd settle for and in his eyes you are everything he wants in a relationship
☆.。.:* 𝓼𝓬𝓸𝓻𝓹𝓲𝓸 .。.:*☆
korean, hajoon, and kim woosung image paris, city, and aesthetic image car, theme, and vintage image kpop, the rose, and woosung image
woosung from the rose
woosung is a pisces, meaning this couple has major soulmate potential and make such a fulfilling match
you are both water signs which means you are both in touch with your emotions and are really profound people
your relationship is unbreakable, because you are both able to communicate and understand each other like no one else could
☆.。.:* 𝓼𝓪𝓰𝓲𝓽𝓽𝓪𝓻𝓲𝓾𝓼 .。.:*☆
kino and pentagon image aesthetic, beige, and paris image Image removed kino and pentagon image
kino from pentagon
kino is an aquarius, meaning the both of you are crazily alike which makes you such a strong couple
you are both outgoing, adventuring, and love to socialize, creating the fun and ideal relationship you guys hope for
neither of you are too sentimental, and though you share different temperaments, your time together is untouchable
☆.。.:* 𝓬𝓪𝓹𝓻𝓲𝓬𝓸𝓻𝓷 .。.:*☆
lq, low quality, and jisung image Temporarily removed aesthetic, window, and sky image stray kids, han, and jisung image
han jisung from straykids
han is a virgo, meaning you both share a lot of common ground and make a really fluid pair
you both share common fears and also aspire to reach your goals, together you love spending alone time and cuddling
you feel strongly for one another and your love and support is undying, making this pair unattached at the hip
☆.。.:* 𝓪𝓺𝓾𝓪𝓻𝓲𝓾𝓼 .。.:*☆
infinite, kpop, and dongwoo image light, car, and night image planet, space, and galaxy image infinite, kpop, and dongwoo image
dongwoo from infinite
dongwoo is a sagittarius, meaning you make a really fun and outgoing couple as i mentioned eariler
you both are free-spirited, and you give each other the ability to enjoy your own independents while still being together
you guys make a unique and creative pair, and though sometimes you're both competitive, there is never a dull moment
☆.。.:* 𝓹𝓲𝓼𝓬𝓮𝓼 .。.:*☆
Temporarily removed stars, space, and galaxy image red, aesthetic, and city image hongjoong, ateez, and kpop image
hongjoong from ateez
hongjoong is a scorpio, meaning your relationship is built on loyalty, love, and understanding
you understand his complex personality as he knows just how to ground yours, making you both such passionate and intense lovers
you are both powerful and driven with emotion, hongjoong perfect for your uncertain nature and you catering to his creativity

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i thought i should just finish it tonight which i'm glad i did but that was really agonizing lmao

i think the fact that it was a long repetitive process is what has my head feeling stuffy but if it was all for the end product i don't mind

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