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What are the favourite activities of your character?

1. Reading and Writing

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Kailani is more of an indoor person. She likes reading books alone in her bedroom with snacks in front of the window because she likes getting just enough sunlight. She's mostly interested in psychology and literature. She likes writing poetry too, but she kept most of her works to herself because she's a very private person. She only shows her poems to her English teacher for feedback and to her boyfriend, because sometimes Nathaniel would ask her to read him one.

2. Playing the Cello and Piano

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Kailani also likes playing the cello, it's her favorite instrument. She's been playing the cello since she was 12. She also plays the piano, she learned it even earlier than she did with the cello--growing up in a noble family duh!

3. Sports

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Kailani doesn't actually prefer doing sports, but her family often do it together on weekend at least once a month. And her favorite sport to do with them is tennis. She also likes to go bowling with her friends or family because it's really fun. But she prefers sports that she can enjoy doing alone. She really likes to go horseback riding with Lady Iris (her horse) while enjoying the view or swim in her home pool. She likes being in the water, it calms her mind. She's also an expert in archery, her father taught her and her brother when they were still kids.


Kailani is very creative and artsy. She likes math and riddles, and she thinks that art has pretty much the same basic concept--excuse me WHAT?! Yeah, I know, that's exactly how Alexa, her best friend, responded to her statement. She thinks that the most basic concept of math or riddles is finding the right formula to solve a problem, and art is finding the right formula (the right color combination, the right metaphor, the right melody, etc) to express something in a way that can beautifully touch people and connect with them, but with less confusing number. And that's why she likes art and literature.

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She likes painting, but she doesn't do it much. She likes dancing too. Her favorite style is contemporary. She likes how the style can tell a story so beautifully as if it were a combination of basically all types of art--poetry, music, and painting combined in one performance. She's been learning to dance together with Alexa since they were still a kid. The first style that they learned was ballet, they learned it in school. And then, they started to learn different genres once they were in 8th grade, Kailani did contemporary and Alexa did hip-hop. But they doesn't do it regularly tho. It's just something that they both enjoy doing once in a while to let off some steam.

Now that I think about it, there's A LOT of activities that Kailani likes. So let me tell you guys, that she does like them but that doesn't mean that she's good at all of them. She's not a God. A main character, yes, but not God. She can't be that perfect, can she? She's an expert at playing cello (learning the piano from a very young age helped!) and archery, and her poems are bewitching (contrary to what she thinks). Her paintings and dancing are good but not good enough to compete.

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