Hi friends! Lately I've been getting so into writing articles, it's so fun and relaxing tbh . Today I thought of sharing some essential apps to have on your phone since I had to delete most of mine due to low storage left on my phone. So without further ado, let's get into it!


Ok hear me out, it's well known that pictures take up a huge amount of space. And the first thing that comes to our mind whenever the notification that "there's no space left" pops up is to delete some old pics to free space. But what happens if you're to lazy to delete them? Download «google photos»

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This app automatically backs up your pics and offers you 15GB of free space to upload any pics and videos you like. The best part? it only takes about 1 or 2GB from your phone. Isn't that dope? Also, if you're willing to, the app lets you delete all the photos that have been already backed up in order to free up your space. You only need to log in with your google account and it's all set! You'll also be able to check your pics on your computer by entering: https://www.google.com/photos/


Nowadays there are some apps like Spotify and Apple Music which let users enjoy music by paying a membership. But being honest, not all of us can afford its price so we have to look for alternatives. And the best I've discovered so far is called «audiomack» .

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After creating an account, which is totally free, you're able to download any song you like for free and to listen without ads. There are many songs that cannot be found in this app, but hey for being a free music app it lets you do a lot. If you guys get this app and experiment any king of problem while using it, you're free to message me ;D

Social Media

Sometimes, we don't need to have all the social media apps in our phones. If you have a laptop or tablet, have apps like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and even We Heart it on here. These are apps that can be easily used through a browser without consuming valuable storage space on our phones

By this I don't mean you should not have those apps on your phone, it is just a recommendation if you're running out of space.
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  • Whatsapp: in my country we use this instead of iMessage. If in your country you use other apps such as Telegram, LINE, Kik, etc. then consider those as the essentials
  • Snapchat: this app is no longer on my phone, but for my friends out here reading this might be a big essential for you.
  • Instagram: one of the biggest platform out here. Full of memes, cute animals, awesome art, and many many more
  • TikTok: this is not an essential but it's my go-to when I get bored of insta
  • VSCO: I do not use this app as social media but I consider it as one. Here I edit most of the pics i post to Instagram. If you're not into VSCO then consider any other editing app as an essential.


Since a few months, there are no games found on my phone as a way to lower my procrastination time. But for all of you guys out here who need something to play I can really recommend downloading those that are mostly seen in ads because they end up being the most addictive ones.

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Period Tracker

(for my girls out here)

Periods suck (we can all agree), specially when they arrive at unwanted times. Having a period tracker is really helpful if you want to prevent an accident. Of what I know, the best apps I've tried are «clue» and «flo». I used Clue for about a year until a few months ago I decided to give Flo a try. In my experience, I consider that both of them have really accurate predictions . But I decided to stay with Flo because I liked the tracking methods better. But I still have to recognise that I like Clue's design and simplicity better but hey that's up to you ladies!

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