Hi guys! For me the holidays end. Yeah, I'm going back to hell (school) on September 3. I wrote my article "Back to school tag", so I will now show you my relationship with school and my "middle school girl problems". This year is my last year of college because 9th grade isn't in high school in France.

Discover what's French school

Before starting this article, I wanna warn you that I HATE SCHOOL

1. How is my school?

I go to private college Notre Dame de Sion. My school has 4 floors and a basement where we eat lunch. It's a school in a kind of crappy state because of, for example, broken shutters.

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2. Teachers

I hate a lot of my teachers. Some are more boring than rain or when you know you're going to have an hour, you just want to die. I'll introduce you to some of my teachers from previous years. Some of them have a very bad reputation.

I start with a math teacher. Oh, that man id annoying as fuck. You see him, you want to depress. He has a little voice, no authority. He threatens us to write something to our parents if we continue to chat and not work. He gives us a lot of stupid homework all the time.

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Secondly, I take a biology teacher. He is new since last September. We went into the classroom, we saw it, like "what the fuck is this man?" He smelled and still smell very bad, like sweat. We were and are still disgusted. He is also very boring.

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In this school, we have an incredible history / geography teacher. Shout out the best teacher in the school. She can't make me love history or geography it's impossible. In France, we are not lucky because we start at the primary school to learn the story before the year 0. She is very funny and teases the students.

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With some teachers, you want one thing: go to kindergarten.

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3. Students

I hate too lot of students and I ain't the only one. With friends we love give a name to the cliques of 8th grade and now 9th grade.
"Girls in counterfeit". A clique of girls that who act like elementary school students. They all wear counterfeit Gucci or Louis Vuitton.

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"Hiker gang". Some guys which act too like little boys. They all wearing clothes for hiking from the backpack to the shoes.

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Last you have some girls that don't are a clique together because they don't know each others. It's the "hoes". They have the reputation to have fucked several guys outside the school. They just wanted to be popular but everybody hate them.

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4. My problems

First and... unique VERY VERY VERY [...] VERY VERY BIG PROBLEM:

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5. Some anecdotes ?

I'll always remember the last week of 8th grade in math class. One guys says to another guy who was in front of the whiteboard louder as everybody can hear it "Your big-ass skull is the iceberg made the Titanic flow!" The Teacher was like "We can talk to each other politely". Y'all were like

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6. Something else?
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Hope you enjoyed reading this article

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