if i were a...

  • (an element)
red, lips, and fire image Image by Kat
fire; i am a Sagittarius afterall
  • (color)
eboys, grunge, and heartbreak image pink, aesthetic, and red image
definitely red
  • (plant)
quotes, flowers, and thorns image rose, flowers, and red image
a rose with all of it's thorns
  • (bodypart)
beautiful, breasts, and clavicle image necklace, fashion, and jewelry image
collar bone
  • (time of day)
constellations, dark, and moon image dark, night, and aesthetic image
witching hour 3am-4am
  • (disney princess)
Image by awsomedarkness Image by ✨Angeliki ~ The MoonlightBae✨
either mulan or pocahontas
  • (word)
dress, flowers, and fairytale image Image by Naz
éphémère – ephemeral
  • (song)
Temporarily removed dark, black, and flowers image
gravedigger- MXMS
  • (movie)
70s, film, and gif image vintage, retro, and city image
american graffiti-1972