Do you know what is the real meaning of love? I have always thought LOVE is a big feeling where each person put a meaning depends on their living experience.

A month and a half ago, I thought I know it but when I broke up with my boyfriend because of an infidelity, my mind got blank. All I felt was basabed on vengance and wanting he suffers. It sounds terrible, I know but in that moment I was so hurt.

In spite of this, I did not do something bad because it is better that way.

Nowadays, I do not love him but there are appreciation and respect, which he did not have with me. I do not want to say with it that love does not exist or that it is not worth falling in love but when someone fails you that way, someone who you loved so much or even deamed of a future with him, it is hard to trust someone again.

Lately, I have been hanging out with many friends and it feels me better. Nevertheless, the thing which help me a lot of was talking with the correct people.

Even though, I do not deny that there are nigths where I miss him too much and I just want to hug him for a long time. However, that would hurt me and become toxic too.

So have you ever passed for the same situation? Or are you sure what love means?

Think about it...