Favorite Princess Movie:

disney, belle, and beauty and the beast image Temporarily removed beauty and the beast image Temporarily removed
Beauty & Beast

Non-Princess Movie:

disney, wallpaper, and brother bear image bear, animal, and baby image animal, bear, and nature image bear, disney, and brother bear image
Brother Bear

Favorite Princess:

hair, hairstyle, and brunette image Temporarily removed aesthetic, beauty and the beast, and belle image Temporarily removed

Favorite Prince:

long hair, Hot, and guy image quotes and monster image header, quotes, and black image beauty and the beast image
Adam also know as Beast

Favorite Hero:

quotes, the beatles, and hey jude image blonde, blue eyes, and boy image body, hercules, and skin image boy, ginger, and aesthetic image
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed boho, boy, and dreads image eyes, green, and eye image

Favorite Heroine:

girl, aesthetic, and mulan image gold image aesthetic, badass, and beauty image Image removed

Favorite Sidekick:

Action, timon, and gif image Temporarily removed sarcasm, disney, and lion king image hakuna matata, disney, and timon image
Timon and Pumba

Favorite Villain:

dragon, fantasy, and eye image horns, dark, and demon image Temporarily removed feathers image
skull, black, and dark image quotes, aesthetic, and black image wolf, animal, and dog image fire, blue, and hand image

Favorite Characters:

bear and animal image disney, gif, and brother bear image love, disney, and donald duck image blue, grunge, and shoes image arrow, forest, and black and white image disney, merida, and brave image

Favorite Songs:

disney, john smith, and pocahontas image Temporarily removed
Colors of the wind
hercules, disney, and quote image disney, hercules, and song image
Go to the distance
aristocats, gif, and cats image aristocats and gif image
Everybody wants to be a cat
disney, kenai, and friends image disney image
All soundtrack of Brother Bear
disney, tarzan, and gif image tarzan and gif image
You'll be in my heart
stitch, hi, and disney image
I can continue with the list but If I do, I'll never finish it

Childhood Movie:

Inspiring Image on We Heart It peter pan and gif image gif and peter pan image theme, dark, and grunge image
Peter Pan

Favorite Recent Movie:

aladdin, disney, and gif image aladdin, disney, and gif image aladdin, disney, and a whole new world image disney, love, and aladdin image
Aladdin Live-Action

Favorite Live Action:

enchanted, disney, and princess image enchanted, disney, and Amy Adams image Amy Adams, disney, and enchanted image enchanted, disney, and dance image


Favorite Pixar Movie:

boo, disney, and monsters inc image boo, disney, and monsters inc image boo, disney, and monsters inc image Image by Brenda Aranda
Monster's Inc.

First Movie:

book, bambi, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed bambi, disney, and flowers image Temporarily removed

Favorite Dress:

beauty and the beast, belle, and princess image beauty and the beast, disney, and emma watson image
Forever and ever | I need to use a dress like this.

FINALLY I'M DONE, I was so stress because I can't remember some things, but here it is. HOPE YOU LIKE IT, HASTA LA VISTA♥