it's no lie that EVERYONE (including me) is starting to obsess over fall. it's such a beautiful season all around! everything feels so warm and cozy, candles make you feel so safe, and there's an excuse to eat an absurd amount of junk food (or in my case, those yummy halloween cookies)

today i decided to make my own version of #thefalltag! this is inspired by some instagram story games i've seen plus some random things i decided to go in. i can't wait to see y'all use this tag! let's get started!


do you live for fall or halloween?

pumpkin, wallpaper, and autumn image dog, autumn, and fall image

i'm definitely more of a fall person!

what's your go-to fall flavor & scent?

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my favorite flavor in definitely pumpkin spice! and as for scents, i love any thing that has a hint of vanilla.

is football your thing or are you not that interested?

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absolutely in favor of football season kicking off this saturday! ready to root for my cowboys!!

big scarves or big sweaters?

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i'm a sweater girl for sure! anything that keeps me comfy and warm is fine by me.

hocus pocus or halloweentown?

Halloween, hocus pocus, and 90s image autumn, Halloween, and pumpkin image

i live for hocus pocus! me and my mom watch it every fall and it's by far one of my favorite movies.

disney movies or scary movies?

jack, christmas, and jack skellington image Temporarily removed

we love us some good disney movies in this household. twitches, halloweentown, the nightmare before christmas, and of course hocus pocus are the best hands down

rainy days or snowy nights?

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as much as i adore snow, i'm gonna have to go with rainy days on this one. (it poured rain for the first time since may today and i ran outside to go feel it. it was so nice)

pumpkin pie or caramel apples?

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i've always been more of a pumpkin pie gal. i mean, what's there not to love?


thank you guys so much for reading this article!

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mae ✰
mae ✰

i'll be back with another article this week, so stay tuned for that ;)

love you guys!!

<3 mae