Hello everyone, I hope you are having fun. Today I publish this playlist .

Here is the link to this playlist on Spotify if you are interested in reviewing these songs, it's all, thank you very much for reading me. โ™ฅ โ˜บ


โ™ฆ1โ™ฆ.- Creme de la creme - Evalyn

art and woman image art, eye, and eyes image

โ™ฆ2โ™ฆ.- Take my breath away - EZI

bedroom decor, etsy, and living room decor image art, blood, and draw image

โ™ฆ3โ™ฆ .- Must be dreamig - Bien

art, flowers, and aesthetic image Image by Marcela Arroyo

โ™ฆ4โ™ฆ.- I'm so tired..... - Lauv, Troye Sivan

art, painting, and michelangelo image Temporarily removed

โ™ฆ5โ™ฆ..- Nobody Knows - Jez Dior

love, art, and kiss image art, body, and drawing image

โ™ฆ6โ™ฆ.- Nadir - Tender

art, couple, and quotes image love, art, and character image

โ™ฆ7โ™ฆ.- A toast and a spirit - Vacation Manor

art, artist, and artwork image anime, aesthetic, and animation image

โ™ฆ8โ™ฆ.- Love somebody like you - Joan

anime, aesthetic, and promise image Abusive image