Hello lovelies!

School is around the corner, soorry for bringing it up.. But here's a little tag to make it less painful, at least for me.

I got the idea from this article:

Let's begin!

Back to School Tag

What year are you going to?

11th grade, which is the American Junior year and the British Year 11 (i think...)

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What's your favorite part about getting ready for back to school?

Sorting all my school supplies, decorating my notebooks and planing new outfits

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What are you excited and nervous for this year?

I'm excited to be with my friends and super nervous about my grades

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Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get my inspiration to study when I think about what I want to accomplish in life

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What grade were you in when you first started wearing makeup to school?

In 6th grade I just wore eyeliner and mascara, I only started wearing full face (like twice a month because im lazy :/) last year

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What do you wear to school?

Legit depends on my mood, somedays I'll try to dress preppy but most days I wear the first jeans and hoodie I can find

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I don't look this fashionable when I wear it btw

Have you ever ditched or skipped classes?

I've never missed a class unless I was sick or had any important school activity to attend, but I always wondered what the feeling of skipping class was

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What are 3 non-beauty essentials you have in your bag?

Besides my school supplies it would be my headphones, water bottle and a book

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What are 3 beauty essentials you carry in your bag?

I don't really take makeup with me to school, but I take my chapstick and moisturizer!

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Composition book or notebook?

Usually notebooks

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Pens or pencils?

Pens, of every color

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Folders or binders?

I prefer binders

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Sticky notes or note cards?

Sticky notes all the way

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Planner or unorganized?

To be honest, both

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Needs calculator or already knows the answer?

Honestly, even if I know the answer I'll still check the calculator

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Study or wing it day of test?

Study, always

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Homework done night before or morning of?

Usually the night before, but sometimes I forget and only remeber right before class... ups

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Tips on how to survive a boring lesson?

Just try to write down most of what your teacher is saying, it makes time go faster and you'll have a lot of information for your tests!

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What about you guys? Any of you excited to go back?

that's all for now.. thanks for reading

Love, Bia