Hi everyone ! I'm here today to talk about something really important to me which is hair removal. I think it's important to speak about it during the back to school period because it's the moment of the year when many will meet again a lot of people and be more easily influenced. Before removing your body hairs under social pressure think about it twice.

. Remember that I’m french so sorry in advance for bad English. Especially in this article.
. Si tu es francais(e) n’hésite pas à aller sur mon profil je vais bientôt publier cet article en français.

To start, we live in a society where, despite progress, the woman is oppressed, in danger, restrained in many areas. All the more if she's black, lgbt, aged, handicapped or go against the codes that have been imposed on her...
In which cases she is repulsed, rejected, judged, humiliated, stigmatized, insulted, harassed, bullied, assaulted, or worse.

Among those codes, hair removal.

I hope to not be too clumsy in my words.

Keeping your body hair is dirty

Many will think about sweat. Well no. Body hair does not increase sweat at all. Nor the smells. Smells are due to bacteria. So if you wash yourself, as everybody does, everything is ok. No more smells than before. They can according to different people keep humidity more easily but again if you wash yourself, as everybody does, everything is ok. Ne more smells than before, no more sweat than before. As long as you wash everyday everything is ok.

Removing your bikini line is bad, firstly for your skin, really thin here especially in the folds of the skin, really sensitive to micro aggressions. Then your flora, for whom the hairs are acting as protectors. Protectors from every pathogenic or non bacteria that are making their lives around. Removing you bikini line's hair increases the risk of mycosis or some IST. So body hairs are not dirty, on the contrary actually.

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Hair removal is not universal.

In south Korea, body hairs (especially in the bikini line) are considered very attractivee and pretty, some women even go to have a transplant. In some contries in Africa also, body hairs are a real asset of seduction, hairy women are prefered. Like what, it really is a matter of culture.

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Body hair is natural.

Yes ! Why wanting to chase them at all costs while they are entirely natural et we all possess them since always. THere is nothing fake or taboo because it's our natural body, it's like that, we have body hairs, more or less, but we have body hair... It's life, our origine, this is how we are made, how God made us, for our good, to protect us.

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Body hair is not "ugly".

We have been educated without ANY representation of the woman's body with it's body hair. When the biggest part of people discover their own body hair or someone else's, they don't know them are digusted. But we are comforted in this disgust by

  • medias : exposition female's body only shaved,
  • our family : education that accept these standards and push children in the reject of the boy of a girl not shaved, the hate of the girl for her own body hair, the obligation to shave for the girl...,
  • all the daily words "time to take the shaver", "Well you relax huh those days" and hundreds of others...

We can call than a "culture" of the hate of the body hair. Since our chilhood. Everywhere around us. It's a standard, it's like that, a code.

If we had grew up with realistic representations of the female's body ;
with an education in which we learn that the body hair is natural, in which there isn't any obligation to remove them, in which we are told the truth : "body hair is neither ugly, nor masculine, nor dirty, nor ashaming"

Keeping body hairs would be neutral, normal. Remove body hair would be neutral, normal. A simple question of taste or/and mood.

It's a vicious circle.

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  • Apparently gynecologists sometimes prefer shaved pubis, ok... As long as they don't do disparaging remarks if yours isn't perfectly... why not. If not, it's a little nice explanation and adios the gyneco if he/she isn't ok. This is what we call verbal obstetric violence.
  • I find this kinda crazy because beyond education and representations, the only hairless "women" are who ? Children ! And it's kinda weird to fantasize on children's body.
  • It's complicated too because people don't want hary armpits, legs, pussies, mustache but they want eyebrows (but warning not too much neither), eyelashes and hairs. It's difficult all that...
  • A girl who don't shave don't respect herself... Do I have to stop on this one lol ? Respecting yourself doesn't means to submit to a certain amount of weird and restrictive standards, on the contrary, respecting yourself means being brave enough to be who you are in front of people who asks stuffs like that and meet your needs.
  • It hurts, it makes ingrown hairs, it repels weirdly or inequaly, it itches, it cuts, it burns, it's expensive, it's stressing.....

A the end of the story, you have to ask yourself for what reason do you shave. If it really is for you, because you personally want it. Or because it's for the others, the look of the others, the opinions, your boyfriend, your crush, your family, the society, because you think it's ugly... by fear ? And it's not always easy to know. If you wanna stop do it. Sincerely don't be afraid really. Fuck patriacat. Millions of people do the same.

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How to stop the discrimination

In everything you do spread the message. If someone throws hateful stuffs, explain them. If it's not enough... Keep fighting. Share posts that denounce this discrimination in your story. Be brave you have all my love. But really talk, communicate, give your opinion ! Space the shavings or stop. Don't be afraid to raise your arms during a family dinner if your pits have their hairs, to not take an appointment to the beautician this month (or to ask your mom to not take one), to go on vacation without a shaver, to school mustache in the air, to stop buying your bleaching cream, to go to the beach with a fournished bikini line, to spend the night with your boyfriend without having removed anything and by the way if he doesn't like it, either it's we explain to him and he accept either it's Ciao because Your Body Your Rule.

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Thanks for reading ! I loved writing this article so I hope you enjoyed it and hopefully you’ll come back ! See you in the next article !

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