No one will love or accept you as the way you are. Everyone will try to change you. people will criticize you, comment on your cloths, your way of perceiving things, your thinking, they will compare you to others... You will never be able to please everyone. But what really breaks you is the fact that even the closets persons would never accept you as YOU ARE. They will change even the smallest details just to please their families, friends or themselves and this will definitely break your little heart. You will hate yourself for being so naive and for trusting people... THEN, you will try to change, but not to please yourself or to develop it. You will do it just to make them happy, but guess what you WON'T do it because -remember- you will always be criticized. So the solution is to just accept yourself, if you want to change do it for yourself and if anyone wants to change anything even if it is stupid don't do it because it is the exact thing that makes you so special. I don't believe that one day you will find the right person who will accept you as you are. The only one who will do so is YOU and ONLY you. Love yourself as you are and don't care about others opinion.