good evening everyone! as some of you may know, breakfast is probably my favourite part of the day. i love the smell of just made coffee. i just feel so in peace. remember it actually is the most important meal 'cause it gives you the energy you need to go through the whole day, take my advice and start having breakfast! it doesn't matter if you just can't eat an amount of food at first, it's all about getting the body used to it. so, beautiful people, here i'm gonna write you about my favourite breakfasts:


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i swear my day cannot begin without a big cup of hot coffee. you could say coffee and i are a thing. i like mine with milk but you can have it however you want it: iced, black, with cream, with sugar added, etc.


they're so comun yet there are so many ways to eat them. my favourite toasts are the french toasts, the avocado ones and the classy ones where you just put jam on them. you can also eat them with butter and sugar on it, or peanout butter and some banana slices. (((i just realized i wrote the word 'toasts' so many times i'm sorry i just LOVE them.))))

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OK I DEFINITELY COULDN'T LIVE WITHOUT EGGS. you just can have them in so many ways: scrambled (my fav), boiled, fried. you can eat them just like that or with toasts, bacon, etc. eggs are so versatile i freaking love them.


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i don't eat them very often but it's a special way to have breakfast to me, i don't know why. i eat them with fruit and jam or with a lil bit of honey, but that's the 'healthy' way. you can also eat pancakes with cream and chocolate on it and that kinda stuff, they're so delicious, i soon will make an article with the recipe i use for pancakes!

i have a lot of ideas but i don't want this to be a very long article. i hope this inspires you to start eating breakfast if you don't and if you already do, i'm sorry if i made you hungry! lots of love,