In the past, I wrote of living in the seabed of loving you, but I never expected it taste so lonely and cold
you put the woman, who never cries of pain, cry

Every time I walk home,
I hope to see you in front of my house
with a nervous atmosphere and with thousand apologies from both of us

I collapse, each time I do not see you
you will never come
never will I see you again
never I have change talk to you again
never can I stroke your cheek when you are sleeping your head in my lap

It's impossible to breathe
so I started to make my days so unavailable I couldn't even think anymore
my nights never lonely so that I couldn't cry myself to sleep
but every second I live, every step I take, every whisper I whisper
I do it with the hope that in future- I'm not thinking of you

I can't run away from you in my thoughts
or from my heart
I only can wait for the future to heal me
and that's the only thing I allow myself to do now