HELLO! I recently discovered the aesthetic dark academia and fell in love with it. I used it unconsciously for many stories but I didn't know it had a name x) and since a few days ago I had a new book idea, I decided to write articles about the main characters in order to help me build them while making you discover them!

Are you ready?

โ€• Full name

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Elsa Raeder

โ€• Nickname

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โ€• Date of birth

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august 30, 2000

โ€• Zodiac sign

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virgo (element: earth)

โ€• Gender & pronouns

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girl - she/her

โ€• Sexual preference

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โ€• Nationality

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โ€• Appearance

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brown hair, brown eyes, tall, thin, mischievous look, I-don't-care attitude.

โ€• Passion

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โ€• Personality

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extrovert, funny, attractive, frivolous, head-in-the-air, confident

โ€• Colors

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yellow, silver

โ€• Favorite music

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Sad Girl - Lana Del Rey
it's finish :)

NEW READERS, welcome! My name is Alice and I write articles about music, kpop, characters, and literature. I'm a french user but I understand english perfectly, so don't be afraid to come and talk to me in private if you want to! If you were interested in this article, don't hesitate to take a look at the others, you could find your delight in it!