heyooo, welcome back everybody!

Today I´m gonna show you my favourite autumn bangers to listen to when everything is hard, great, or awful. It fits for every kind of mood.

For autumn I prefer slow and cosy songs, but also songs that just generally remind me of my favourite season.

Chinese New Year´s- SALES

chinese new year, lapis lazuli, and girlfriend birthday image chinese new year and ang pao image love, couple, and movie image 70s, 80s, and girl image
Found this song on TikTok, and I got extremely addicted. It´s a great song, and it really reminds me of autumn.

Half the world away- AURORA

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I have listened to AURORA for quite some time, and this must be my favourite song. It is so beautiful, and it brings peace to my mind just like the season autumn.

Dissolve/acoustic- Absofacto

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I also found this song on TikTok, but not the acoustic version. I get a vibe of Sunday mornings in October when I listen to this.

Lovers- Anna Of The North

loner, lover, and aesthetic image black and white, music, and anna of the north image noah centineo, peter kavinsky, and lana condor image book, autumn, and bookstore image
This song takes me back a whole year actually to when tatbilb came out. Great movie, and a great soundtrack. This song followed me through last autumn, and I guess it´ll do the same this year.

10,000 emerald pools- BØRNS

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I have so many nice memories with this song. I just love how the melody floats throughout the whole song, and how the vocals hit. BØRNS is truly an amazing artist.

Video child- Many Voices Speak

sky, clouds, and purple image Image by automneautumn room, to all the boys, and noah centineo image aesthetic, lights, and rome image
Video Child is one of my all-time favourites songs. I also found this song in the soundtrack of tatbilb, and it got me through a rough time.

Stuck with Me- The Neighbourhood

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I love this song! Gives me such a good vibe! 10/10 would recommend

Here is the whole playlist with more similar songs! The name is Norwegian and means "The season of the soul"


Hope you liked it<3

xoxo, jules