Hi to myself!

Summer is about to end and I don't know what's coming on. I mean, I know I'm moving from the town to the big city but, somehow, my mind haven't realized it yet.

I've spent most of my time during the past five or six years wondering about how will my life be when the moment of moving and starting the University arrived. Just thinking about becoming a new person, with a new style and...*freedom* (which is actually my fav word and something that I will probably never get). And well, the moment is now. The time has arrived and I am not prepared.

It's funny because I've always thought that all my problems will be solved by this moment. I thought that going out of my fu**ing town would be the most exciting thing ever and the real fact is that... it isn't.

I don't know what I have done wrong. Maybe I'm just too afraid of leaving my comfort zone or maybe I'm just being stupid. Maybe I'm just afraid of feeling rejected by people I don't know or maybe I'm scared of sharing an aparment with three girls I've never met before.

Maybe I'm just afraid of myself not being enough or maybe I'm just afraid of living.

I have exactly fourteen days to understand what's going on because I'm not going to accept this awful feelings after all these years waiting and waiting for this moment. I'm so sorry to myself. We have to do it. It's time for self-reflection.

To: Alicia Wolf