Hey guys ! So I'm starting to baby-sit soon so I thought I'll give you some tips ! This is the first part because I'll get more tips with more experience ! :)

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❦ Meet the parents before!

Even if it's coming one hour sooner, or meeting them days before it's super important ! You never know just in case, and also to have a lot of informations about the kids (allergies, favourite things to do…)

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❦ Know how to deal with problems!

You need to know all the emergencies numeros, how to deal with an allergie, and to do the first aid !

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❦ Prepare your baby-sitting

Prepare your activities, know what you're going to do with the kids so they don't get bored ! Also always keep an eye on the kids!. Bring some things to do (in an other article I'll talk about what you can do so stay tune :D)

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Ok so that's not a lot but stay tuned for more informations :) See you guys soon ! Marie

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