♡ > if you cook when you're hungry, your hunger will automatically decrease.

♡ > your mind takes change as physical pain.

♡ > your brain works as you give a command.

♡ > the color blue can decrease heart rate and maintain your blood pressure

♡ > if you see a ghost in your dream, this means you have to be alert if you start a new friendship or relationship.

♡ > you can forget about daily activities when you fall in love.

♡ > selfish people will forget about all the favor you have done for them.

♡ > if you talk about your goal a lot, you will become successful.

♡ > if you ask something to a person and they smile it means they done something wrong

♡ > if you're searching for something it's in front of your eyes but many times you can not see it.

♡ > your brain does more creative work when you're tired

♡ > opposites don't attract. you're more likely to be attracted someone who looks and thinks the same as you do.

♡ > memories get destroyed over time. the average human has at least one false piece of memory