♡ > there's a song that's been proven to reduce anxiety by 65%. it's called weightless by Marconi union. the song was written and produced to actually slow down your heart rate, reduce blood pressure and lower cortisol levels. it actually works so well it's recommended not to listen to it while driving.

♡ > too broke to travel? WWOOF is an organization that allows you to travel the world, with food and accommodations covered, in exchange for volunteer work.

♡ > when starting something new always do a google search for "things I wish I knew when I started X". for example if you just started surfing do a search for "things I wish I knew when I started surfing". there will be a ton of info from people that have learned valuable lessons the hard way.

♡ > put a sticker with a fake pin number on your debit card. that way, if you lose it and someone tries to use it more than three times. the machine will eat the card.

♡ > on myfridgefood.com you can put in whatever you have in your fridge and it will tell you everything you can make with them

♡ > stop using google.com to search for information for school essays, use scholar.google.com instead. you will find more relevant information right away!