Hello everyone!
Since my FAVOURITE season of the year is right around the corner, I decided to do a This or That tag, but about autumn stuff.

1.Tea or Coffee?

coffee, autumn, and rain image autumn, book, and coffee image

2. Apple Pie or Pumpkin Pie?

autumn, pie, and fall image
Apple Pie

3. Baking or Hiking?

kitchen and home image autumn, Cookies, and fall image
I've never tried hiking, so I'll say baking

4. Hot Cider or Fresh Donuts?

autumn, blanket, and candle image
Hot Cider

5. Turtleneck or Scarf?

fashion, hair, and style image fashion, style, and fall image
I never wear scarves

6. Sunny or Rainy?

aesthetic, aesthetics, and books image autumn, rain, and fall image
I like both, but I feel better when it's rainy

7. Cinnamon Roll or Caramel Apple?

cake, cinnamon rolls, and delicious image bread, cinnamon rolls, and food image
Cinnamon Rolls FOREVER

8. Sweaters or Cardigans?

autumn image fashion, sweater, and autumn image

9. Stay Home or Go Out?

autumn, fall, and city image
Go Out

10. Read a book or Watch Netflix?

book, candle, and autumn image book, coffee, and reading image
I enjoy reading more than watching Netflix

11.S'mores or Cookies?

autumn, Cookies, and fall image autumn, beautiful, and fall image

12. Halloween or Thanksgiving?

autumn, pumpkin, and fall image autumn, harry potter, and fall image
We don't celebrate them in Romania, but I think Halloween it's really cool

13. Neutral or Colorful?

fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image

14. Cosy Blankets or Chimney Heat?

fire, winter, and cozy image christmas, holiday, and santa image
I love chilling by a fireplace

15. Haunted House or Corn Maze?

tumblr, woods, and autumn image
A haunted place is way more fun

So that's all for today! Thank you for reading this tag!
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