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My 30 Days Writing Challenge

Let´s just start!

If everything could be different, how would it be?

I would be much happier. I would say now. You can never tell how life would be if the bad things didn't happen. The bad things are mostly there to teach us and make us much stronger. But if my mom hadn't gotten cancer now, she wouldn't have changed, neither would I. If i hadn't broken my leg then, i wouldn't have been able to go to grammar school now and would never have met my friends. If i hadn't gone to a psychologist I would never have become so mature and wise. Sometimes the bad things in our lives cause positive results.

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An example now related to you. If the boy wouldn't have broken your heart then, you would never have the chance to find the right one for you.

Okay guys that´s it!!!

I hope you liked it!

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