hi pearls!

1. day or night?

blue, citylights, and colorful image sky, sunset, and purple image
night, it looks so beautiful.

2. alaska or hawaii?

Temporarily removed beach, beautiful, and blue image
it's been always a dream of mine travelling to hawaii.

3. piercings or tattoos?

ink, Tattoos, and tiger image angel, back, and beauty image
i love tattoos.

4. witches or wizards?

conceptual image Temporarily removed
witches are so mysterious

5. coca cola or pepsi?

Image by arzu Image by sataeurns
definitely coca cola.

6. sunset or sunrise?

sky, sunset, and summer image wallpaper and sky image

7. swimming or tanning?

brunette, girl, and summer image girl, summer, and sea image
swimming. tanning is so boring.

i hope you liked it <33