Ok I won't take your cry-me-a-river-time cause I just want to share favorite playlist when I want to cry out loud. Just remember, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and feel the rhythm. And please promise me, after you give all your tears, just sleep, wake up and be happy again because I know it might be a rough day but just to remind you that a lot of people care for you and love you. BTW THIS PLAYLIST IS KOREAN SONGS ONLY WHICH I DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND THE LYRIC BUT I JUST LIKE HOW THEY DELIVER THE SONG INTO MY HEART. SO YEAH HERE IS THE PLAYLIST:

  • I dont love you - Urban Zakapa
  • Me after you - Paul Kim
  • Please love me - Colde
  • Hold me - Eric Nam
  • Will last forever - AKMU
  • Just friends - Melomance
  • Love, ing - Ben
  • Only You - Huh Gak
  • Listen and sleep - J_ust
  • Let it rain - Airman
  • Goodbye - Punch
  • Monolog - Han All
  • When we're parted - Acourve
  • My Star - Lee Minhyu
  • My apology letter - Kim Yeon Woo
  • Good old days - Jang deok Chul
  • White dress - Monday Kiz
  • Two People - Sung Si-kyung
  • End of the day - Jonghyun
  • Someday - BTOB
  • Hope you're doing fine - BTOB
  • Beautiful Pain - BTOB
  • From mark - Ha Dong Kyun
  • Through The night - IU

Well if you want the full version you can go to my spotify playlist:


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