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Hello dears...Today I'm back with another aesthetic challenge - Aka what would the classical disney princesses look like, if they lived nowadays... This time im doing Snow White, aka my fav disney princess .. Hope u like it.. <3
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1: Appearance

short hair, girl, and beauty image ginnifer goodwin, ️ouat, and snow white image makeup, eyes, and eye image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by ♡ K A T I A ♡ girl, hair, and red image
Raven hair, red lipstick, brown eyes - for me Ginny forever <3

2: Fav hairstyles

hair and girl image girl, black, and pale image Image removed hair, black, and aesthetic image
Messy bun, straightened, ribbon

3: Style

classic, clothing, and fashion image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed skirt image beautiful, fashion, and shoes image Image by karyme dress, red, and bow image

4: Make up

beauty, brown, and eyelashes image cosmetic, eyeliner, and lips image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Cheryl, vermelho, and aesthetic vermelho image
No need for words 💋💋💋

5 : Nails

fashion, girly, and nail art image Temporarily removed nails, butterfly, and aesthetic image nails, red, and apple image
cosmetics, nailpolish, and snow white image black, red, and cute image
Mostly red, black and white <3

6: Accessories

accessories, fashion, and red image aesthetic, gold, and heart image earrings, aesthetic, and accessories image chanel, earrings, and luxury image tumblr, crown, and princess image accessories, ring, and trend image Image by melody Image removed
Hearts, crowns, pearls, etc...

7 : Ball gown(s)

red image aesthetic, ball gown, and beauty image dress, Prom, and prom dress image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Again...Mostly red, black...and pastel colors...

8 : Personality

school, grades, and just girly things image quotes and kind image kindness, quote, and quotes image black, good, and happy image Image by K Y L I E aesthetic, beauty, and book image
Inteligent - getting straight A's, kindness, self love, no judgement towards others...

9 : Fav free time activities

suga(errør) image Temporarily removed Image removed Temporarily removed baking, blueberry, and dessert image beautiful, flowercrown, and cute image
Playing the piano, picking flowers - to make a flower crown, writing poems, baking (mostly apple pies), spending time with her pet bunny

10 : Home

interior, home, and luxury image decor, pillows, and room image interior, room, and decor image beautiful, decor, and furniture image library, books, and architecture image accessories, aesthetics, and expensive image

Ok guys... Soo...That would be everything for this article.. Hope enjoyed...

- With love, Queenie

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