yoongi, min yoongi, and bts image suga and bts image
BTS: Suga
exo and sehun image exo and sehun image
EXO: Sehun
Temporarily removed Ikon, hanbin, and bi image
big bang, yg, and fan image big bang, daesung, and gdragon image
Big Bang: T.O.P
astro, moonbin, and moon bin image Image by Samantha Reyes aesthetic, boy, and kpop image astro and moonbin image
Astro: Moonbin
asian, korea, and kpop image kim heechul, super junior, and ้heechul image
Super Junior: Heechul

I made this like 3 times because none of my articles were posting, there would always be an error in it and then I had to make this over and over but still I made it, so I hope you guys enjoy this. Bye bye sweeties.