As we all know, Earth is struggling, so I'm trying to lead a more sustainable life.

Here are some products I love:

  • Hypo-allergenic Traditional Polish Soap
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Barwa is a Polish soap company. All of their bar soaps are wrapped in paper only, which is better for the environment than plastic bottles. I personally use their hypo-allergenic vegan vegetable soap, which is made without any fragrances or artificial colours. I'm very happy this product exists. I've noticed that my skin has been happier since I've started using this soap, too! P.S.- They're pretty cheap and can be found in many stores as well! ;)
  • Nutella in Glass Jars
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Yes, Nutella sells their product in glass jars too, not just plastic jars. Even though they have plastic lids, they are better than their all-plastic jars.
  • IKEA's TÅNUM Rugs
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IKEA makes a certain type of rug using leftover scraps from their textile and bed linen production. Not only does this help reduce waste, but they are also very pretty and come in many, many different colors! They only cost $6.99 and can be bought online or in-store.
  • Trader Joe's Paper Bags
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So Trader Joe's always gives out paper bags for your groceries instead of plastic bags. This is great because they can be reused and recycled. I personally use them as bags for my paper waste and they last me a few months. They are also very good for transporting presents and food to parties far (or near) your home. I've also used them as painting palettes and tabletop/counter protectors. (Cooking can get messy!)
  • Lirene and Neutrogena Face Washes
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These two products have helped me combat my terrible acne throughout the years. I personally use the Lirene Mint Scrub with Bamboo and Charcoal, as well as the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Scrub. Although these products come in plastic bottles, they don't contain plastic microbeads, which are way worse than plastic bottles. Unlike plastic bottles, they can easily get through water filter systems and eventually into oceans, where sea creatures often swallow them. Plastic microbeads are extremely harmful and even deadly to sea creatures, so I stay far away from plastic microbeads.

These products are very nice for those wanting to get closer to a comfortable, zero-waste life. I highly recommend each of these. Hope this helps. ilsym :) <3