At the beginning, I will share this one with you. I have been editing the song list and playing the most songs in the song list. I also talked to the new generation female singer Billie Eilish.

Billie Eilish was born in California in December 2001. She is only 16 years old and is a singer and composer.

Especially after Billie Eilish sang the American drama "Thirteen Reasons" OST "Bored" last year, he won a lot of fans with his ethereal vocals, and his singing career rose rapidly.

Billie Eilish not only focused on music, she was noticed by the brand during the daily game, and she shot LOOKBOOK for Murakami's new series some time ago.

The foreign media Vanity Fair recently released an interview video comparing Billie Eilish's question and answer last year and October 18 this year to witness the tremendous growth of Billie Eilish over the years.

In the interview, last year's Instagram had only 257,000 fans. At present, Billie Eilish has more than 7.8 million people's attention. This year, she probably experienced a night of fame.

The photos with the most photos of ins last year were taken by Charli XCX, which received 69,000 likes. Now it’s just a personal photo of a big laugh, and it’s easy to get 2 million likes.

After the fame, it naturally gained the attention of other big-name stars. Her star was upgraded from Chloe Moretz to fruit girl Katy Perry, and more and more star friends were known.

She said that the number of viewers she had performed the most in the past year was only 500. Now she has been able to sing in front of 40,000 people.

Billie Eilish, who has a light-colored hair, is now on the streets and is recognized by passers-by, and last year she was recognized only once a week.

Everyone is surprised that this 16-year-old girl has expressed her own ideas about music and her own, but she has great energy at a young age.

In the MV, she kept black tears and put the spider into her mouth, which made everyone feel awkward and she thought it was very interesting.

And compared to other girls of the same age, Billie Eilish doesn't look exquisite at all, it can even be a bit awkward and a bit rough.

She likes to wear oversized tops and trousers that don't show her body. How do exaggerations come about? It is because of her personality, her "boyly wear", has won everyone's love.

After all, this kind of death is fluorescent green, and it is enough to be able to wear a set.

Probably because of the same hobbies and similar ages, Billie Eilish has a deep relationship with the well-known tide boy Leo, often getting together, and the trend is getting more and more mixed.

Billie Eilish once said that she wants to stand out from the crowd in ordinary clothes. Billie Eilish not only said it, but also got a group of fans who agreed with her.

In this age of Internet, plagiarism is easy to innovate, and it is necessary to be like Billie Eilish to go out of his own way, and work hard and talent can not be less.

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At the end of the Vanity Fair interview, Billie Eilish gave his advice one year later: "Don't send anything you think on the Internet, don't." Can everyone understand her intentions?

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