Like Princess Aurora said: " I walked with you once upon a dream". This is what I felt when I met you in a dream. We were so happy, so ... in love.
A perfect couple, we were back together, we acted so different that the way we used to.
In a dream world, in a dream city, a big Mall, so many faces, but that were not important, we were.
We were lost in our story, lost in our feelings, lost in our moments, I was so lost in your arms.
You played with me, we were like 2 children, you waited for me up the stairs, you took my hand and pulled me into a hug and a sweet kiss.
We walked down the street, with the sun behind us, long talks, many kisses, forehead kisses.
Everything was oh so perfect, but a dream is just a dream, this was, but, it will never be again.
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