Cancer...Cancer...Cancer... I am actually one of you sensitive dramatic assholes. So I can personally share the secrets of seduction. We are emotional beings that love to be petted and loved and covered in kisses and all that mushy shit. We are a sucker for romance and love picnics as well as long walks on the beach. But we are moody assholes that put up an electric fence to stop us from getting hurt. We do not like to be rejected, and please don't rub our flaws in our face. We know our flaws... so don't fucking tell us. AND DON'T YELL AT US! Cancers' seek a long term relationship, therefore we just want to love and be loved. We can give you the world, yet if you can handle the mood swings, then you can have our heart. We seek understanding as well as security from a partner. WE CAN BE COMPLICATED!

So here are THREE things to attract a Cancer woman:
1) Stereotypical Romance
3) Good Sense of Humor

She is the type of lady that likes to be wined and dined. She likes all of that typical romance bullshit... not that it's bullshit... no, it's actually quite sweet. She likes someone chivalrous to sweep her off of her feet. Someone who will pull out the seat for her so she can eat, or open the door for her. She is a sensitive soul like most Cancers and needs someone kind and caring. Literally, the key to this girls heart is a kind, funny, and romantic person.

So here are THREE things to attract a Cancer man:
2) Care for him!!
3) Show family is important

He is very similar to the Cancer woman. He, himself, is very romantic. He likes a sweet and caring person. He wants that type of love where he'll sweep you off your feet and you take good care of him. Feed him!! Showing that you are family-oriented is a major plus for this sensitive man. This is a shy man. He has a fear of rejection, therefore he will not make the first move. Being assertive with this man will be the only way that he'll know that you like him. Other than that, he will stand around and do nothing, despite having the hugest crush on you.

Here are some turn-offs:
1) Insensitive
2) Criticism
3) Selfish

There you go, folks!!