hi guys!
since i'm interested in zodiac signs and astrology i wanted to write an article about it.
disclaimer those facts may not be true for everyone.

ok, let's start.

1. aquarius

  • they have a lot of self-love
  • they are hypocritical. they are a person who pretends to have certain beliefs, attitudes or feelings when they really do not
  • an aquarius is showing a lack of empathy or compassion, most specifically, they are heartless
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2. virgo

  • they are overthinkers omg. they make situations up in their mind where they can't trust you
  • they are liars
  • a virgo is also a sneacky person, someone who does questionable things in a quiet way to avoid being noticed
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3. aries

  • the most hot-headed sign. they are acting too quickly, without thinking of the consequences
  • oh and they think the world would revolves around them
  • aries taking on leaderships, i mean always
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4. gemini

  • attempting to attract attention of other people, typically by disruptive or excessively extovert behaviour
  • they are also two-faced
  • they say a lot of hurtfully things when they think they are right
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5. sagittarius (me, hehe)

  • they are too honest and outspoken in a mean way sometimes
  • they belive getting fast results. if a task is taking more time to finish than usual, they'll be more likely to leave what they are doing and move on
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6. libra

  • they can be too open
  • libras break the silent in an awkward way, oops
  • they may find themselves surrounded by conflicts that's often of their own making. beyond they can't deal with conflicts.
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7. scorpio

  • they alwaaaays think, that they are right. they argue about it for days until you tell them they are right
  • they get mad over small things, very angry
  • scorpios can be really fake
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8. leo

  • they are self-centred. someone who can only think about themselves or thinks that they are the most awesome person on the planet
  • leos are egoistical a lot. kinda narcisstic and arrogant, i'm sry ily
  • you guys also have a huge amount of interest investeed in yourself
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9. pisces

  • pisces can never see their faults
  • over emotional af. you take everything to heart and become emotional in the extremes
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10. cancer

  • moody as well as the pisces, soulmates
  • why are cancers always sad? it's annoying to bring them into a better mood because it doesn't work
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11. capricorn

  • they make me feel awkward on a different level, idk
  • they think that they are better than everyone else
  • they are also selfish as the leo is
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12. taurus

  • stubborn as hell. doesn't do shit unless they want to.
  • taurus' are also pretty judgemental. a way of making ones self feel better, by hurting others.
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that's it !

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thanks for reading <33 -katarina