Nowadays, the world-renowned bulletproof juvenile group will attract the attention of countless army every move. Today, they unveiled a brand new brand identity (BI, Brand Identity), announced that they are integrated with the Army, and immediately set off a heated discussion!

On the official website, café, Twitter, Youtube, etc., the Bulletproof Youth League opened a video on the day, and at the end gave a new definition of “BTS” – Beyond the Scene.

Not only that, but this film also succinctly presents the image of the BTS and the Army of the symbiosis. In the new BI, the Bulletproof Youth League is a youth who is not confined to the status quo and decides to open the door to the outside world. The Army, which is mapped by the threshold, symbolizes every moment of youth.

The Bulletproof Youth League also expressed its satisfaction with the new BI on Twitter: "I really like it and look forward to the new BI. I always want to show it to you soon. Most importantly, the new BI comes with us and Army. It makes more sense for the picture to be integrated, and we feel very happy."

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