I was always the "Good Student" first because my mom really pushed me to be (and kind of emotionally blackmailed me hehe. You know immigrant parents always saying : I didn't bring you to this country for nothing.) But it wasn't only my mom. It was also because I personally love learning. Instead of barbie dolls and stuff, I had markers. My sister and I used to play school where she'd be the teacher and I'd be the student. We used the glass slide door as a board. My mom would always be cleaning marker off of it.

So yeah, I like learning, but some people out there love to learn yet they still don't do as well as they want at school. To me, personally, having a successful school career could be attainable to anyone who is willing to push their efforts. I feel like all these "Back to school" guides are just saying what to do instead of showing how to. So, I'm going to give it a try-- I'm going to write a guide for you guys for school. Maybe this could help.

Middle School

Okay, so middle schoolers, this is for you. Don't think I am that old to have forgotten about middle school. The memories are clear as day.

Here are some things important to consider when you are in middle school (might not be the same for every middle school).

  • Middle school is the bridge that falls in between elementary and high school. You aren't cute and adorable as you were in elementary, and you aren't as cool and mature as you would be in high school. So, what are you? A middle schooler: someone who needs to continue their journey across this bridge without letting obstacles hinder their way.
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  • If you think popularity is the only thing that matters, you're definitely wrong. Yes, making friends is important, but to an extent. Don't allow yourself to be dragged into boyfriend drama and don't let those "friends" in your life who just want to destroy you. Trust me, create boundaries. You won't get hurt.
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.Your body will go through a lot of changes. I can't express it enough but I'll try: That. Is. Normal. Of course, it is. Everyone, literally everyone goes through it so why should you be ashamed that your body is going through it too? You are still young, you are still growing. Do not hate your body for it. It knows what it's doing.

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  • Use your resources. This is highly, highly important. Every middle school is different but I'm sure every middle school offers some sort of resource that you can use. For example, some middle school allows you to take Dual Enrollment. That means you can take two college courses in your community college per semester while being in middle school. Take advantage of that! It might be scary at first, but if you know you can do it, and the option is available, take the opportunity.
  • Some middle schools allow you to take high school classes which are most likely called "Honors courses." Please, please take those so in high school you can take other classes and get rid of your credits. Some of those honors courses are: Algebra, Physical Science, Geometry, Biology, and languages such as French and Spanish. Know what credits you need for high school graduation. Trust me, it's better if you get over with your credits as soon as possible so when you are a senior in high school, you will have nothing to worry about.
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  • Honestly the key to getting good grades is just doing the work and not bsing it. Like it's not rocket science. Homework is due the next day and you know it's long? Just start it now and get over it. The project is due in a month? Start some of it now and break it down till you finish it all. Have to study a lot for next week's test? Don't read the textbook. That would just kill your motivation. Instead, use your notes and skim through certain sections of the textbook to see if anything is missing. Also, use YouTube. It helps a lot.
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I've told you the main components to having a successful middle school career. I hope it helped some. Other things I suggest are:

-Don't get caught up on small things like pimples on your face.
-Don't let others tell you what you can and can't do.
-Talk to authorities if someone is not treating you right.
-Do some volunteering/ join clubs.
-And of course, treat people nicely.

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