I'm on summer break right now, which for me is the perfect time to reflect on the past year and my lifestyle. I have set some goals for myself and now that I'm on holiday it all works out. It will probably have a big impact on my morning routine back home because I have to go to school then (sadly).

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6.30 AM
Stand up early and put on workout clothes. Then do some stretches and yoga poses in my room (it sounds stupid, but this really enables you to move more freely throughout the rest of the day) and go downstairs to drink water and eat some fruits.

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6:45 AM
Go on a run while listening to music or a podcast (TED Talks Daily or Teenager Therapy). I've loved running my whole life, because it helps me get my thoughts in order and feel more energetic. In the past years, I mostly trained in the evening, but I've been running almost every morning this holiday and I fell in love with this habit.

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7:10 AM
Take a shower, put on the outfit you picked out the night before (I think this is the only way for me to dress nice every day) and put on some make-up if you're in the mood.

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For clothing, I'd like to wear a "statement item" every day (no boring looks for me anymore please ;)) and wear more jewelry. I also hope to have the discipline to try different hairstyles. I don't want to wear make-up every day, because that makes me feel less good, but if I do, I would love to try something different or just to look like I'm glowing.

7:30 AM
Time for coffee and breakfast! Coffee is a must for me, but I never drink it before working out because I read that that's not good for you somewhere. The times I use in this article count for when I start first period. If this isn't the case, I have more time to make breakfast. My go-to breakfasts are yoghurt and oats, but if I have more time I'd like to try more healthy and fun recipes, such as healthy ways to make pancakes and waffles.

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I also have to make lunch for school, which I hate doing because it's always the same... This year, I will try to give my bread a nice twist and have more variation.

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7:45 AM
Go upstairs again and brush your teeth. After that, look in your agenda to see what to expect for the day. This year, my agenda will be more like a journal, which means that there's not only planning in it, but I'll also include reminders for my goals and some creative stuff in there. That's why it's an important part for the start of my day!
After that, there's some time left to catch up with some schoolwork, especially if I don't have to start first period.

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8:15 AM
Or, hopefully for me, later: go to school. Yay.

So... Let's see if I'll stick to this routine. I surely hope so :)
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