We met on a cold spring night.

My heart was completely upset.

I stood before you, but at first no word came from me.
You gave me security immediately, even enough I was upset.

My hands were sweating, my heart beating fast and strong. I knew exactly what I found and saw in you.


The yearning for all these years was gone right now.

The air was cold, but the warmth and closeness between us was warm. So hot that I could not freeze.
You smelled like the woman of my dreams. You laughed and smiled like the woman of my dreams.
Your voice sounded like that of the woman from my dreams.

But when I was allowed to look into your blue eyes, you looked away empresses. But after the brief moment, which seemed like an eternity. I have already lost myself in it. I knew that you were my dream woman and that you had my heart for at this second.

We have experienced man beautiful moments together. We laughed, we kissed, we loved each other. Every day my love became stronger to you. Every time I looked at you, I fell in love with you a little bit more.

There were also bad moments, losses, lies, secrets. Things I'm glad I could be there for you and things I deeply regret. Things that have broken a lot. Things that you might not be able to do well.

I hope that your love is big enough that we can take a step towards each other and start a fresh beginning.
I can not change things that have happened. I can only promise you from the heart, that in the future I will do everything differently and something like that will never happen again.

no lies, no secrets, no broken heart. Total openness, like an open book where you can read and read anytime. No feelings to be withheld. I will open myself completely. What I should. have done long ago, which I never had the courage to do.

Going towards each other will be difficult, but it will be worthwhile. After some time we will notice what we have together. What can become of us and who we can become together.

All the bad things will take behind us when you look me in the eyes and realize that I'm going to make everything in the world move to make it right and good.
I'm convinced that your love for me is strong enough that you an forgive me at same point and we can beginning a new start.
Do not forget what I have did, but forgive.
Because you have a strong and beautiful heart, as I have ever seen it before.

What happened is hard. But I want to do everything tight in the future and be the man you deserve in your life and at your side.

I hope you can forgive me my mistakes.
I love you from the heart and with every fiber. I would like to spend my life you and always pay you my attention. Make you happy and give you a fulfilling life that both of us are only too happy to look back on it.

I'm thinking of you and I love you about everything.

Your idiot...