Recently I realized there are far better things in life than wasting your time, energy and mental health on people who drain you emotionally. Who knew right? Here's some images that won't break your heart/mental stability but will sure boost your mood ㋡

1. Tom Holland

tom holland, spiderman, and boy image

He has a cute f- boy look with that killer jawline and puppy eyes but girlllll can he pull off a suit n tie!!!

tom holland image

He has an adorable pit bull and brought it to one of his events. The pup was shy but just as adorable as Tommy! You can find videos of the event on Youtube

Avengers, gif, and gifs image

Did I mention he's British? Let the thought of that cute accent sink in ;)

2. The Sprouse twins

twins, cole sprouse, and dylan sprouse image

Those two used to have 13 year old me googling pictures of them on my computer and daydreaming for hours. Funny thing is, I'd never download the pictures because I didn't want my parents finding out I had a crush on someone haha!

wallpaper image

Here's Dylan watching you melt from looking at his smile. That swooped back hair is my biggest weakness.

dylan sprouse, black and white, and boy image

We all know smoking is dangerous but this image takes it to a whole new lever of danger!

cole image

Correction! THIS is my biggest weakness. Don't smise at me and expect my knees to not get weak!!!!!

cole, dylan, and sprouse image

Who knew Cole would grow up to have such 'soft boi' aesthetic? I'm all for it

cole sprouse image

Speaks for itself boys and girls

3. Kiernan Shipka

blonde, gif, and pretty image

Hi! I'm bi! I figured I have to represent my girl loving side even if it's not everyone's preference. Her sexy smile and fluttery eyes give me butterflies

sabrina spellman and kiernan shipka image

I love her slim silhouette! Her taste in fashion is so feminine and graceful but there's something masculine about her that I can't quite describe. She's just stunning in my eyes! It's funny how you can love both feminine and masculine features in every gender. People are so beautiful!

sabrina spellman, kiernan shipka, and nick scratch image

I just love her hair in the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The length and color are so stunning on her complexion and figure. And Gavin Leatherwood (right) is also quite the catch!

4. You guessed it: Gavin

Image by taylor

She's right to be having her hands on that jaw. It's HAWTE! And so is the color of her lips <3

gavin leatherwood image

There's that F-boy look again. Not mad at it...mad About it!

sabrina spellman, kiernan shipka, and love image

Yes. Yes I am.

5. Ruby Rose

ruby rose, model, and orange is the new black image

Do not try to tell me you're not attracted to her. She's a work of art and you know it.

Image removed

Those lips .. I just..

Temporarily removed

Her tattoos make her look that much hotter. I can't decide what I want more: To kiss her or look like her

6. Miles Heizer (my favorite)

actor, beautiful, and black and white image

Another 'broken' / emo/ E-boy looking guy. Are we surprised? I think you know my taste by now.

Temporarily removed

What I mean by 'broken' looking in case you didn't get my 13 Reasons refference.

miles heizer, 13 reasons why, and actor image

Do we see those eyes? DO WE SEE THOSE EYES?

13 reasons why, miles heizer, and boy image

There he goes smising again. Boi stahp I'm blushing!!!!!!!!
Smise - smiling with your eyes (if u didn't know)

actor, beautiful, and gif image

Didn't you just fall in love? YES you did, shut up.

miles heizer and 13 reasons why image

The eyes are my kryptonite.

13 reasons why, sad, and miles heizer image


miles heizer and dog image


7. Dylan Minnette

boy and dylan minnette image

Dylan is a special one. He has a band called Wallows and their music is amazing, chill and has a super modern sound. But look at those eyes tho ugh!!!!

Image by ℒŮℵẴ

You're a mess. I'm a mess. Let's cause trouble ;) ;)

Image removed

Nothing like a little scruff to remind me I like masculine features too

actor, aesthetic, and band image

Something about a guy with a guitar that brings out my inner groupie..

dylan minnette image


dylan minnette and 13 reasons why image

Dark hair and blue eyes is my forever weakness.

That's all I have for now. I might make a part 2 so follow me if you don't wanna miss it. I started this article with tears in my eyes from the ass who fucked me up mentally and now it's no longer my eyes that's wet. Too much? Fuck it, I've been dainty and oppressed my whole life. A girl can have a strong sexual presence and that's awesome.