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I'm a black woman with a particular skin condition in a western country. That really impacts your life. Because of my skin condition (vitiligo), when I was a child, other kids don't want to play with me sometimes. They called me "witch" or they were scared of touching me. (Note: My skin condition is not contagious. It's an auto-immune and genetic "disease". My immune system attacks my own cells.) I guess the other kids didn't know it. I was a timid kid and all I wanted is to be loved by my classmates.

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I know how it feels to be isolated and marginalized. I became very empathic. I hate seeing people being rejected. For real, I just defend anybody facing injustice. It can be bullying at school. I not gonna lie, I've never been a hero. If I saw an other classmate being bullied. I was the one who gonna talk to him like a normal human being or saying something nice to him. I didn't follow the crowd who hated that person. Sometimes people " hate" other people for no reason, they're just following the leader/the "coolest" kids. If I have no reason to hate the kid, I will treat him like any other classmate. I just treat people as people.

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Everyone is worthy. No one haves to provide their worth for just existing. If someone underrated you, they're wrong, not you. You don't need to be tall, rich, famous or smart to be respected.

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