Not the brightest thing you could've read or heard, but that's the painful truth: we're dying, and it will happen soon enough.

If you don't live in Brasil, there's a chance you haven't heard about the Amazonian wild fire that's been happening for almost THREE weeks, and we weren't informed by the media, but from celebrities & scientists a few days ago!

@iamnickrose (instagram), a scientist says:

'Terrifying to think that the Amazon is the largest rain forest on the planet, creating 20% of the Earth's oxygen, basically the lungs of the world, has been on fire and burning for the last 16 (now 17) days, with literally NO media coverage whatsoever! Why? @unitednations who is running your page? Influencers? Where are you when it actually matters?!'

The news about Notre Dame were all over the news, the internet, media,..everywhere. And this, the Amazonian fire was not. Why? Why ignore it? Why didn't people share it? Why was it hidden?
Two people donated for Notre Dame, but the Amazonian fire.. that cannot be fixed. Animals and plants on the verge of dying are on fire! Wake up! Trees that had let a lot of oxygen in this world are getting burnt! These trees aren't like your regular trees in a garden. They are a lot more older, and had left a lot more oxygen than regular trees.

The first glacier was melted in Iceland. Most of the temperatures are unbearable ; too cold, too hot, a lot of rain. Or there's a day where it's like 35-45°C and the other days it's 15-18°C. That is a lot of change.

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It's been said to #PrayforAmazonia but honestly? Pray for yourself! 20% of Earth's oxygen comes from this forest !

Nature is something you shouldn't underestimate. Nature will ' fire ' back and I won't be surprised. So many polluted oceans. So much toxic gas. I expect tsunamis, thunderstorms, overheating, earthquakes, and many other scary things. And you should be prepared, but not surprised, considering the state our planet is in now.
I didn't see ANY articles on we heart it about the Amazonian Fire. So here you go.
And to you all try-hard ' VSCO ' people, using a hydro flask won't be in much use. You're not stopping people from buying straws. By saying ' EWW that won't save the turtles ' and similar shit, that won't solve anything, it will solve something when you actually do something for pollution and your community. Help other people, donate, spread the word of planting, recycling,.. Not taking a selfie and going with a #savetheturtles. That's not it.

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written by: Ana