Today, I'm gonna present you 5 of my favorite Netflix series (part 3/3)

1-On My Block

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In a tough neighborhood in Los Angeles, the friendship of four smart and funny teens is put to the test when they return to high school


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Joe Goldberg is the manager of a modest bookstore in New York. One day, he meets a client, Guinevere Beck. The young woman is love at first sight for Joe who decides to find on the Internet

3-No Good Nick

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The life of the Thompson family will be turned upside down when she arrives at home Nick, a 13-year-old scammer who has only one goal: to take revenge on this family that she considers responsible for the decay of hers.


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An improbable trio, composed of taught in history, a military and a scientist, travels through time to stop a dangerous, desire to change the course of history as we know it


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Following a laboratory accident in which he is struck by lightning, researcher Barry Allen, who works for the Department of Forensic Science, discovers he is able to move at a supersonic speed.

Thank you for reading this, see you later...


This is my collection if you want to see more of them :